lyric exploders

lyric exploders are here so you can dig into to my albums in a more interactive way. though all of my releases have had full lyrics presented in some form — lyric sheet, booklet, pdf, etc. — there’s always a bit more i want to share. the links contained within these pages are a way to explain some specific references; but they’re also jokes, rick rolls, or something else entirely. mostly i just want to help you to visit some weirder, sometimes cobwebbier corners of the world wide webbing.

PLAGUE MECHANIC (2019)a time capsule from the past, discovered in the present; an alternative timeline for a string of events that would have been better left unexplored.

TREPANATION I (2018)an album about psychedelic surgery, unsolved mysteries, and the shakiness of memory.

PELAGIC (2018) – adrift in the upper layers of the open ocean. only returning to shore if necessary. an album created in 28 days. (coming soon)