thee garbageface 2016 year in review / 2017 almanac


[photo by Mark Molnar]


total shows played: 58
total garbageface shows to date: 247
km travelled for shows in 2016: ~20,000
shows played in cities i had never played before until 2016: 1 (campbellford, and that place RULES)
new covers attempted: 6 (Record Body Count by Rheostatics, Hooch by Melvins, It Fit When I Was A Kid by Liars, New Orleans Is Sinking by The Tragically Hip, Bloodstains by Agent Orange, World Famous Astronaut by Faux Cults) 
new covers successfully executed: i’m gonna go out on a limb and say all of them
PA systems that i felt were “too quiet”: ~15 (a new annual low!)
PA systems that i felt were a “good volume”: ~ 44
PA systems that i felt were “too loud”: 0
times performed on Trent Radio: 4

new songs written/recorded: 16/18 (10 of the songs on NØ FUTURE were written this year, plus 6 tracks on the forthcoming APOSTASY, plus two more for another release)

coffee cups drank: ~600+ (definitely more than last year)
packages of sour patch kids eaten: ~20 (much less than last year, for sure)
cars exploded: 0 (a 100% reduction)


this past year was nuts. working on NØ FUTUR(E) with thee one and only Matt was a whirlwind, and i’m still stunned at how it all went down. not only did the concept and execution come together at top speed (for me), but the various guests that were on the thing really nailed it every time. and as soon as NØ FUTUR(E) was done and the first leg of the tour was over, i threw myself into the next thing, and that’s been a whole other whirlwind. 

this coming year is going to be real. APOSTASY is in the can. doneski. artwork is happening and then it will be pressed onto some nice 12″ LPs for you. APOSTASY is weird one. 5/6 of the beats come from one of my favourite producers, NYC’s Yung Gutted. i wanted to make an album that was a deep exploration of my magickal practice, and this is that, but it also somehow became a treatise on christian morality, sexual liberation, ritual indulgence & sacrifice, eastern european folklore, and more. i am beyond happy with how it turned out. it will be out by the spring. 

next up this year will be the long teased UNRELIABLE NARRATOR, which at this stage is about 66% done, and is being worked on  actively. it will include a brand new, reworked and rerecorded BARRAGE OF CERTAINTY EP as the A side; reason being, i think BOC is some of my best music, but the recording has always felt lacklustre. i am going to be rerecording vocals, reworking beats, and have some live drums lined up for a few of the songs. the B side will include longtime crowd faves “a comprehensive course in brain surgery” and “step two,” as well as three other tracks no one has heard ever. from the sounds of it, it would be a pretty weird and disjointed album, but these songs actually tie in together so much it’s eerie. so, i decided to put them in one, BARRAGE OF CERTAINTY on side A, BARRAGE OF DOUBT on side B. it will make sense when it’s out, don’t worry. this will be my first fully self-produced release since 2014′s OBDURACY. the artwork for the whole album, which is already done, is by Raymond Biesinger, and boy did he KILL IT. i anticipate it will be out in the fall. 

there is a long simmering project with Patrick Holland aka Dastard Hand that i am diving into more and more as UNRELIABLE NARRATOR slides into completion. initially, i was going to include Patrick’s beats with mine on UN, but the more i listened to them the more i realized i wanted to do an album that was a deeper collaboration. also, conceptually, Patrick’s beats have both a nostalgic and simultaneously futuristic feel that i want to explore lyrically in a different way. this LP will take some time, but when it’s done it’s gonna be hella dope. the LP will also feature Patrick’s most excellent artwork. it may not come out next year, but then again, it just might. winter solstice anyone?

i am still slowly working on a digital only covers EP entitled IMITATIONS. it will be done when it’s done and will probably only go to band camp subscribers, and whoever they share it with. it will be out when it’s out.

for two years, i’ve been low key gathering samples for a second OBDURACY-style sample-based mixtape, to be titled TREPANATION. not sure if i’ll get to that this year, but if i do you will be the first to know.

touring plans are being hatched, and some are in the can as we speak: i’ll be doing ~10 shows in february with my homies in Pseudo, going to tonnes of places i’ve never played before, across northern ontario. that may be followed by a short jaunt with two of my favourite bands. i’m planning a return out to the east coast in April/May, and then a huge ass tour in support of APOSTASY. i’m working on some plans for europe in the fall, to coincide with UN, too. who the fuck knows, and that’s the best part.