Antibody – Space Qveen – if you, like me, want your sludgey doom to be chocked full of sci-fi allegories to human woes, look no further. standout track: The Void Which Binds

Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise – i appreciate that so many tracks on this album talk about working hard as opposed to grinding, because you can grind pointlessly, but working hard always seems to have a point. standout track: Blessings

Clara Engel – Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss – was fortunate enough to share a stage with this amazing songwriter and spellbinding performer, and this collection has some of my favourite songs of Clara’s on it. standout track: SWANS

Craig Pedersen Quartet – Ghosts – after a performance at The Spill that went down in history as one of my favourite shows ever, of all time, the CD version of some of the songs is a mere keepsake of a magic moment in time. standout track: Ghosts

Cross Dog – Vigilante – i got to play support at the release party for this album and then subsequently put the album on repeat for a month. standout track: Vigilante

Deantoni Parks – Technoself – this album came to me late in the year thanks to a live video that ripped my mind apart, and i’m so glad it did because the whole album is fucking amazing. standout track: Methodist

Death Grips – Jenny Death – technically the 2nd half of a double album, this half came out this year and mixed hard as fuck beats with a strange attraction to guitars, a mix of sonic and lyrical trolling that was vintage DG. standout track: The Powers That B

Dilly Dally – Sore –  this album made me feel like donita sparks had retired from L7 and decided to indulge in her love for weezer. standout track: Purple Rage

Dr. Dre – Compton – whatever Detox was supposed to be, i’m really glad it got shelved and something got put out that felt immediate and real. standout track: All In A Day’s Work

G.L.O.S.S. – Demo – this demo came along and completely fucked up people’s brains with how well it blended grind, crossover, and whatever the fuck else it wanted to, just perfect. standout track: Lined Lips and Spiked Bats

Heems – Eat Pray Thug – this album strikes the perfect balance of political, party, and sad. standout track: Sometimes

+HIRS+ – The 2nd 100 Songs – one of the best grind bands out there compiled another 100 songs together onto one LP, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. standout track: BROS IS PIGS. GRIND THE BROS

The I.L.Y.’s – I’ve Always Been Good At True Love – maybe Death Grips side project is actually a pretty dope noise pop punk album with a lot of catchy stuff! standout track: Bubble Letters

Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, Girl – lush, gorgeous, rich, and at times very uncomfortable. standout track: The Battle Is Over

Junglepussy – Pregnant With Success – i will not rest in 2016 until i find a club that plays this shit at ridiculous volume with giant bass. standout track: Nothing For Me

Kowloon Walled City – Grievances – this is perfect metal as far as i’m concerned, from the lyrics to the riffs (THE FUCKING RIFFS) to the recording, it’s just expertly all there and so good. standout track: The Grift

Lil Ugly Mane – Oblivion Access – this album proved to me once and for all that the best way to make a dope beat and sharp lyrics standout even more is to bookend them with 5mins of noise on each side. standout track: GRAVE WITHIN A GRAVE

The Lonely Parade – Splenda Thief – lo-fi, high quality, peterborough rock will show you why it’s no surprise why people love this band far beyond our small city. standout track: Stomach

Noah 23 – Peacock Angel – an absolute behemoth of a record that kicked off an action packed year for one of the most relentless underground canadian MCs. standout track: Benjamin Button

Prayers – Young Gods – though i didn’t love this album as much as 2013′s SD Killwave EP, i have to include it because this year was so much about this band for me. standout track: Friends Are Poison

Ratking – 700 Fill – 2015 was the year of the rat for me, and i probably spent more time listening to this band than anyone else. standout track: Lenape Lane

Wiki – Lil Me – see above. standout track: Living With My Moms

Young Fathers – White Men Are Black Men Too – this year YF continued to press themselves into the world of rock and pop simply by announcing themselves as a rock/pop band, and the resulting confusion is wonderful. standout track: Old Rock n’ Roll

Young Thug – Barter 6 – if you had told me at the beginning of 2015 that i would be singing along to songs that feature the words “Michael Vick” in the hook, i would have laughed at you, but then again, this year was all about the unexpected. standout track: Dream