garbageface 2018 year in review / thee 2019 almanac


total shows played: 17 (lowest number of shows since 2012!)
total garbageface shows to date: 317
new songs written/recorded: 23 — 10 for the full cut of PELAGIC, 3 songs with Wolfagram (part of a forthcoming release), 6 songs with Dastard Hand (also for a forthcoming release), 1 song with Jon Epworth (also part of an EP), 1 beast of a 21min song in TREPANATION I, and 2 other pieces that don’t have homes yet.
coffee cups drank: ~600 (holding pattern)
cars exploded: 0 (holding strong, still)


true to my word, i spent the bulk of 2018 in some kind of recovery mode. after the closure of the spill, and a very emotional tour with my homie Cold Eye, i retreated into my shell for the year. kind of. i still managed to release a new album / photo book entitled PELAGIC, as well as a 21min exploration of the brain with TREPANATION I. in addition to those two, i laid the groundwork for several other releases, including one that is pretty much done, another that is halfway to something, and another few that are still mosaics waiting to be assembled.

in addition to spending a lot of time writing this year, i managed to squeeze in 17 shows. i also spent the entire month of August trying to help build some community spirit and discussion through an artist residency that turned into a month-long festival. it was called Quality Of Life, and for me, it was one of the most intense engagements with with city’s arts scene i’ve ever been a part of. over the course of one month and 22 events, i got to host so many fucking awesome artists in one place. Evans Contemporary, the kind venue that hosted me for the month, is now closed.

2019 is the tenth year of garbageface. it feels really strange to say that, so i’ll say it again: 2019 is the tenth year of this whole fiasco.

i’m looking to get back on the horse this year, and when i say horse, i mean, the beast that is touring. i’m hoping to book some type of celebratory 10th year anniversary tour, and as with my last proper tour with Cold Eye, i hope to bring my show to venues that are not your typical music spots. more on that soon.

as far as musical releases and plans for 2019, there are a variety of branches on this tree, and i feel good about all of them. that being said, i’m not going to telegraph any of them here as i usually do. i want to give them the space to breathe, grow, and solidify. if yr a true garbagehead, you probably already know what they are. if yr a casual observer, there will be surprises in store.

oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, i’m revamping my website.

last year i ended off the almanac by discussing some of the ways that i felt that social media was corroding our relationships with ourselves and between artists and their supporters. this year, i hope you take some time to read a twitter rant i wrote about the same type of thing, but aimed at music rental platforms. it’s not as long, but i feel just as strongly about it.

apart from my opinions and rantings and activities as “garbageface,” i hope that above all, you are surviving and becoming more of who you want to be every day.