some of yr friends are already this fucked, and more…

starting november 13th, i will be undertaking an artist residency as part of Precarious Fest, an arts festival in Peterborough which is dedicated to looking at issues of precariousness in arts and life. my residency at 165 King St. will be punctuated with four practical workshops intended for musicians at all levels, followed by an endurance performance and book launch. details below. hope to see you there.

November 15th – Opening Ceremonies // come by 165 King Street between 7pm-11pm for a drone room cleansing ceremony to banish the spirits left behind by Conservative candidate Mike Skinner. paper and pencils will be available and those dropping by will be asked to write down a few words about precarity, music, or anything else that should strike them.

November 22nd – Building Musical Energy (By Really, Really Trying) // this workshop will look at some exercises that will help you to begin, develop, and maintain a musical practice, regardless of genre, as well as how to get out of ruts that you may get or currently be stuck in.

November 29th – Putting Out Records (And Enjoying It) // this workshop will cover the entire process of putting out a record (including CDs, vinyl, digital, etc), from initial conception of a concept to release and promotion.

December 6th – How To Tour (And Not Die) // this workshop will present a comprehensive guide to booking a 2-4 week tour. participants will come away with practical advice and step-by-step instructions for routing, budgeting, booking, and promotion.

December 13th – Closing Ceremonies // this will be the release and performance of a new piece of music that explores the existential precarity of the music industry, as well as the literal precarity of wooden planks and a track with no end. musically inspired by the mythological Ship Of Theseus and the sprawling verses and arrangements of early hip-hop, the song is entitled “some of yr friends are already this fucked,” and is named after the closing line in a famous essay by thee Reverend Steve Albini. the performance will last one full 8hr shift, and will also act as the launch for a book that expands on the themes of the song. title and more details to come.

all workshops start at 7pm, and admission is by donation. closing ceremonies will take place from 12pm-8pm on Dec. 13th.