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Learning To Swim With Leviathan

Learning To Swim With Leviathan is part allegory, part primer, part accounting ledger, part survival guide, part prayer book. it’s an exploration of the mechanics of music, the mining of salt, and the Ship Of Theseus that is the music industry.

120 pages with black, red, and burgundy ink. printed by the fine folks at Vide Press, an independent risograph press based in toronto, in a first edition of 77. everyone who buys a print edition receives the audio version as well.

the first print edition of this book is supported by Precarious2, a multi-disciplinary arts festival in peterborough, ontario, exploring precarity in arts and life.

the audio version of LTWSL is presented as a single track, with background ambience provided by garbageface. the audio book is voiced by garbageface and others.

you can order both the paper & audio version here.