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break something new?

If you’re reading this, why are you reading this?

There are a few different ways that you could’ve gotten here; no matter how you did, welcome.

When I started everyoneisdoomed.com around 1997, I was 16 years old and the Internet felt like another planet — not quite outer space, not quite inner space, but far away from what we now call IRL.

I was a relatively good-natured kid, but punk rock and rap and metal had opened my eyes to a world beyond the suburbs where injustice was rampant; meanwhile, magazines like Adbusters poked holes in the facade of the suburban dream. I wanted to do something, but there were very few outlets available. everyoneisdoomed.com became the pressure pump and the steam valve.

Over time, the site grew from getting no hits to getting thousands a month. At its peak there were about a dozen different writers from around the world sending in articles, artwork, photos, and more. I got fan mail. I got hate mail. I made a few thousand stickers that said BREAK SOMETHING NOW and sent them to places that I didn’t know existed.

Needless to say, it was enthralling.

After the towers came down, I finished college and got a real job. The site gathered cobwebs until a minor resurgence in the mid-2000s, and then a domain hijacking put it effectively out of reach. The domain ownership was transfered to registrar somewhere in Israel and I got a few emails demanding a ransom that I didn’t (and couldn’t) pay. I kept a version of the site on blogspot as I turned my attention towards my new passion of interviewing bands.

Fast forward to the end of the 2000s and I was able to register the .org and .net versions of the URL — eventually I would get the .com back as well. The site essentially became the home of garbageface, my main musical project for the past 14 (!) years.

As the years have continued to unfurl, though, I’ve always missed what the site was and whatever potential that held. I miss writing for the sake of it, posting missives into a void and not caring who reads it. I miss interviewing bands and artists and other people. And I think I just miss having a corner of the Internet that’s mine.

If you read any version of this site over the years, uh, welcome back. If you didn't, I hope whatever this becomes is something that catches yr attention for a few minutes. And if not, I'll never know.

You can reach karol at everyoneisdoomed {AT} gmail DOT com.

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