DYMAXION is an album about the future, seen through the eyes of a forever glitching past. The story starts when The Bomb drops and continues until The Towers fall. In between those two cataclysms, we watch as promises of progress pile up and pile up like newspaper headlines proclaiming victory over evil. DYMAXION sees garbageface join forces with Toronto's Wolfagram for a full-length collaboration, with the Wolf's alternate universe boom bap providing the perfect netting to cradle the face's paranoia-soaked pontifications and dot-connections. Edition of 100 black vinyl LPs (SOLD OUT). Digital still available.

APOSTASY is an album about the occult, personal magickal practice, Eastern European folklore, sexual liberation, rejection of christian morality, and… werewolves. produced by Yung Gutted, the album veers between hard slapping bangers and off-kilter atmospherics, with lyrics that dig deep into the garbage psyche to pull out important flashes of truth among intentional and unintentional misdirects. Edition of 166 vinyl LPs — First 66 copies with a special letterpress print by O Underworld! Press. Special Prints: SOLD OUT. “Regular” Edition and Digital still available.

on NØ FUTUR(E), garbageface is looking backwards and forward. it’s an album about the weight of the past, the fear of the future, and the freedom of the now. It’s also garbageface’s most collaborative album to date, with guest rhymes by guelph’s Noah23, toronto’s D-Sisive, hamilton’s Lee Reed and Mother Tareka (a.k.a. Flowtilla), peterborough’s Frostbitten, and beats produced by Peterborough’s Matt. the physical release is a four-track 7″ (featuring a 12×18″ poster with art, lyrics, and liner notes on one side, and a playable 3D ouija board on the other, drawn by THEE Robb Mirsky), with an extended 13-track digital mixtape. Edition 100 on clairvoyant clear (SOLD OUT), 200 bottomless pit black. Black records and Digital still available.

OBDURACY is the first mixtape by garbageface, and represents their first foray into using samples of other people’s music. it was gestated and birthed from september 2013 to february 2014. featuring inspiration from magrudergrind, smashing pumpkins, nine inch nails, marc maron, why?, death grips, hall & oates, jay z, god lives underwater, werner herzog, alain goraguer, and alfred hitchcock. Edition of 100 casettes (SOLD OUT), Digital.

EPs / ETC…

BEHIND EVERY GATE, A SERPENT is the second collaborative EP between garbageface and Cold Eye, after 2017's now-offline PYRE. This effort sees them digging deeper into their respective inner realms to mine for diamonds in the rough, the smoothness in the chop. This album wwas released as both a digital EP and a split shirt adorned with two symbols of warding, found through research of Polish and Armenian sources. Edition of 33 shirts (SOLD OUT), Digital.

DEFENESTRATION is a beat and drone tape that revolves around the ridiculous “broken windows theory,” a bit of social science horseshit that became an excuse for policing expansions and crackdowns in NYC (and far beyond) in the 80s and 90s. it’s also a tape that’s helped me metabolize the theft of most of my live music gear at the end of 2019. Edition of 50 Cassettes, Digital.

to celebrate the tenth year of garbageface, EIGHTEEN TRUMPETS brings together producers from far and wide to remix and reinterpret a range of material from thee prophet of doom rap. the result is a sideways trip through alternate dimensional timelines, where garbageface fronts a hardcore band, doubles down on industrial sounds, and goes indie rock, among other possibilities. all proceeds from this release will go to Peterborough Food Not Bombs, who help to feed people in the Peterborough area, and who contribute resources and time to a variety of social justice movements within our community. Digital.

PLAGUE MECHANIC, a deep collaboration with Peterborough’s Dastard Hand, is a time capsule from the past, discovered in the present; an alternative timeline for a string of events that would have been better left unexplored. Edition of 66 504-piece puzzles, Digital. // Plague Mechanic Lyric Exploder

TREPANATION I is the first installment in a series, a starting point. this album contains samples and interpolations from Pop Will Eat Itself, Dawn Of Midi, Gabriel Araújo, the Lost Highway (Film), Heartbeat In The Brain (Film), and a child’s toy. Digital.

written and produced and recorded in a month, then refined over a couple more, PELAGIC is an album/mixtape/whatever has some of my most straightforward – and weird – stuff on it. bangers and mash. loosely, it’s an album about treading water, being adrift, and finding footing in ether. Edition of 30 photobooks (SOLD OUT), Digital.

in 2017, i turned 36 years old, and to celebrate, i released the 7HR33 51X M1X74P3 in an extremely limited edition of physical copies. it’s an odd collection of tunes, pieced together as both a mind-dump and a thank you. it contains 6 new tracks, a long ambient track in 6 parts, and 6 remixes. get it? if you were lucky enough to get yr hands on a physical copy, you got the full version, and if you weren’t, there’s an abridged version available to stream on the various streaming services out there. Edition of 36 cassettes (SOLD OUT), Digital.