JUN 16, 2023 // THE STORY SO FAR

as my next record, ENANTIODROMIA, sits at the pressing plant waiting to be birthed, i was doing some cataloguing and came up with a sort of "master list" of all of the garbageface releases thus far. this list stretches all the way back to 2005 when the project was conceived, and when i never considered it would actually be a thing. in 2009, i started touring in earnest and this became Very Much A Thing, the Main Thing i work on, really.

below is a chronology of GF releases, including a note of any physical components and whether they are still available or not. some of the releases (even the ones with official catalog numbers) have been taken out of public circulation, and are available only to bandcamp subscribers. you can always check out bandcamp for the complete list of what's currently on offer — many releases will never be posted to streaming services, ever.

this list only includes musical releases, and doesn't include shows (360+ to date), installations, workshops, etc. this also doesn't include output from any projects that were not strictly under the GARBAGEFACE INDUSTRIES / RAP WILL EAT ITSELF umbrella, including EPs by STAKES, Dead Pope Society, EXE, ALTARUS, Hush Money, and Unexplained Bacon.



RWEI-01 — CIRCLECITYSQUARE (2005) (50 CDRs, sold out)

RWEI-02 — WHEN YR YOUNG AND PRETTY (2008) (digital only)

RWEI-03 — TENTATIVE TITLE (2010) (50 sets of 5 pins, sold out)

RWEI-04 — DEFCON (2011) (50 cassettes, sold out) - erroneously listed on J-card as RWEI-001

RWEI-05 — BARRAGE OF CERTAINTY (2013) (digital only)

RWEI-06 — OBDURACY (2014) (100 cassettes, sold out) - erroneously listed on J-card as RWEI-003

RWEI-07 — NØ FUTUR(E) (2016) (100 clairvoyant clear 7” vinyl, sold out, 200 black 7” vinyl, a few dozen remaining)

RWEI-08 — APOSTASY (2017) (200 black 12” vinyl, a couple dozen remaining)

RWEI-09 — 7HR33 51X M1X74P3 (2017) (36 cassettes, given away in treat bags at my 36th birthday party show) - intentionally listed on J-card as RWEI-0.36

RWEI-10 — PELAGIC (2018) (30 photo books, sold out) - erroneously listed on jacket as RWEI-007

RWEI-11 — TREPANATION I (2018) (40 t-shirts, sold out)

RWEI-12 — PLAGUE MECHANIC (2019) (66 jigsaw puzzles, sold out)

RWEI-13 — EIGHTEEN TRUMPETS (2019) (digital only)

RWEI-14 — LEARNING TO SWIM WITH LEVIATHAN (2019) (77 books, sold out)

RWEI-15 — DEFENESTRATION (2020) (50 cassettes, some remaining)

RWEI-16 — DYMAXION (2021) (100 black 12” vinyl, sold out)

RWEI-17 — BEHIND EVERY GATE, A SERPENT (2021) (3-song EP and 33 split shirts with cold eye, sold out)

RWEI-18 — PENUMBRA // ANTUMBRA (2022) (100 gold splatter 12” vinyl, sold out)

RWEI-19 — ENANTIODROMIA (2023) (100 red & black marble 12” vinyl, 100 black 12” vinyl, coming Fall 2023)

RWEI-20 — GNOSTIC FRONT - ALL WAR IS SPIRITUAL WAR (2023) (still unsure whether this will have a physical component or not)

in addition to the releases above, there have been a handful of things that i've done over the years that don't quite belong in the official catalog with a number, but are important nonetheless. some of these are available only to bandcamp subscribers and will likely stay that way indefinitely. others have, for all intents and purposes, disappeared. if you have the files, hold onto them, cause they ain't coming back.



APOCALYPSE, WOW! (2010) (digital only)


OFFICIAL BOOTLEG #3: #100SHOWSOFSOLITUDE (2013) (digital only)

ANTE MERIDIEM (2014) (digital only)

A FAIRLY COMPREHENSIVE COURSE IN BRAIN SURGERY(2015) (50 t-shirts with single download, sold out)

STEP TWO (CREEPING DOUBT) SINGLE w/ SHIRT (2015) (50 t-shirts with single download, sold out)

PYRE (split shirt with cold eye) (2017)

TENTATIVE TITLE (Live In An Empty Room) (2018) (digital only)



so that's that on that (so far). i'm not sure if this will matter to anyone other than me... maybe someone out there collects this kind of info and will love it. i'm sure most won't care. but, looking at this list, the trajectory that i'm drawing makes a lot of sense to me, and i'm looking forward to the next things to come. ENANTIODROMIA soon.

no matter when you tuned in (or tuned out) of this path that i'm on, thank you for listening.

more soon,